Surfing the City


Considered as the European Mecca for surfing and one of the best spots in the world, the Biarritz area attracts amateurs & professionals alike from 4 corners of the world who appreciate the exceptional quality of the waves there.   

Biarritz's has six beaches along a six-kilometre coastline separated by jagged out crops and cliffs. The beaches are renowned as some of the best in Europe and have been rewarded several times for their top class standards. There are several big sandy beaches, each with a distinct flavour and history, but all equally popular with swimmers, surfers, children, families, elderly couples – in short, everyone.

There are a number of surfing schools in the Biarritz area. Please see the links below.



Surfing Schools in Biarritz


Jo Moraiz Surf School

Tropical Euskadi


 Le Vague Basque


Plums Surf School


Biarritz Surf Training




Surf Report