Car Hire in Biarritz

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Car Hire Options

Car Hire is a great way to see the Biarritz area and beyond.

Car Hire Tips

Excess: This is generally quite a lot of money, usually 750€ to 3000€ depending on company and car size. You can pay extra to cover this excess on arrival at the collection desk or in advance - we would recommended you pay this at the time of booking as it will cost a lot less.

Fuel policy: Lots of companies offer "Full to Empty" which sounds good but they will charge you an over the top price for a full tank of fuel at the collection desk - you will not get a refund on this regardless of how much you use. Some companies offer a partial refund which is better although the charge is still likely to be over priced and there is often an extra admin charge. "Full to Full" works out the cheapest option for your total fuel costs (you fill the tank before your return) however the hire costs of "Full to Full" deals is often higher.
All in all, you have to weigh up which option suits your personal requirements. We would recommend 'Full to Full' if you can get a good deal but if not 'Partial' Refund' unless you think you are sure to get through at least 1 full tank during your stay.

Book Early: Prices rise as the date approaches especially in peak periods - our advice is to book early.

Shuttle Bus / Counter in the Terminal: A number of companies will take you by shuttle bus to your car whilst others offer a counter at the airport terminal. Obviously it is a lot more convenient if the counter is at the airport however it is often the case that a company using a shuttle service offers a cheaper deal so you will need to consider what is more important to you - price or convenience.