Photograph by Sarah Stanton

Biarritz is one of Europe's most beautiful and stylish cities, resting on the French/ Spanish border this coastal town embraces three cultures (French, Basque and Spanish). Moreover its mild climate makes it a good destination all year round. People are drawn to the stunning beaches, the surf, the golf, elegance and pure style. Furthermore Ryanair has made this enchanting city far more accessible - opening up the possibility to visit for short breaks at very reasonable rates.

Considered at the European Mecca for surfing and one of the best spots in the world, the Biarritz area attracts amateurs & professionals alike from 4 corners of the world who appreciate the exceptional quality of the waves there. There are 9 surf schools in Biarritz


Lively days, livelier nights...
Besides being a resort, Biarritz is a fully-fledged urban centre, with its different districts, its "in" places and its ritual. From international festivals, Basque fiestas, art exhibitions, trade fairs, surfing competitions and golf tournaments, to shows, street theatre, forums... there is always something going on in Biarritz.

Amongst the sites to visit the grandest address in town has to be Hotel Du Palais which was formerly the summer mansion of Napoleon III and Empress Eugenia; guests have included Queen Victoria, Frank Sinatra and Ernest Hemingway. The Hotel du Palais overlooks Biarritz' main beaches and the Atlantic beyond. Its luxury and ageless charm coupled with the areas’ outstanding sports facilities make the Palais an international Mecca for vacationers and sports enthusiasts alike.

Photograph by Sarah Stanton    






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